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​Affordable professional security camera installation

Get a professional security camera installation at a flat rate that you can afford. If you bought your security camera system we will install your security system starting at $70 per security camera and provide free online programming so you can control, view and playback video from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
We install Night Owl, Zmodo, Swann, QSEE, Lorex and many other security camera models. 
When you select a security camera installer make sure that they understand how to set up your security cameras with proper placement to cover as much area as needed. Remember standard security cameras see in clear resolution within 15 feet of the security camera placement. Beyond 15 feet, standard surveillance cameras can not read license plates and see facial details as clear.

Also make sure your surveillance camera installer knows the best way to program your security camera so you can not only view what’s going on when you’re away but you also notify you when someone is entering an area you define as off limits at a certain time. Most other installers do not know that this notification feature is available on most security camera systems.

If you didn’t purchase a security camera system yet, let us help you. We specialize in high definition security cameras that won’t break the bank. Our HD analog security camera systems comes with HDMI outputs to allow you to see a very clear wide screen picture at 4k to 1080P HD to 720HD  We go beyond CIF or D1 systems. Our analog security camera systems rivals even some digital IP security cameras on the market but for a fraction of the cost.

Night vision is also something we specialize in. Some of our competitors supply security cameras that only allow you to see no more than 20 feet at night. In those cases, you have no way of knowing which direction a perpetrator came from or is going to next. We supply security cameras with unique infrared pickup that reaches up to 130 feet which can be extended to 300 feet or more.

There’s times when our clients require security cameras that can zoom in to an item or a face from a distance even after the video is recorded. In these cases we recommend installing high definition digital cameras that allow management to zoom from across the room or a parking lot to get more details during playback. They are perfect for large stores, warehouses. parking lots, outdoor events or highly sensitive areas.